Fuzzy Brains has been founded to support and promote new web technologies. We do it creating a number of initiatives that differ in various aspects such as characters and audiences. At the moment we're focusing upon women inclusion and we're investing resources to develop a bigger number of Django Girls events. Among our projects there are events aimed to a bigger audience as well, such as django CMS day, an in depth conference for Italian developers and DjangoBeer meet ups. Morevoer, in 2017 we set up DjangoCon Europe, the most importan European Django conference.

Django Girls Italia

Django Girls is a non-profit international organization and digital community which connects volunteers involved in women empowerment around the world. At present the international network counts 75 different Countries and 309 events. Django Girls supports local groups in the organization of one-day free programming workshops by providing tool resources and materials. 
Fuzzy Brains has been involved in the organization of Italian Django Girls events since the beginning. Moreover, the association played a primary role in the organization of Rome and Milan first editions and Florence 2016 – 2017 editions. 

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DjangoCon Europe 2017

DjangoCon Europe is the most important European conference about the omonimous framework. Since 2009 every year about 300 developers coming from all around the world gather together for five days of full immersion in Django environment. You can say this conference is a roadshow, as each year it's hosted by a different European pole. Italy was not in the list yet, so Django Software Foundation, which coordinate the growth of this platform, chose Florence to host 2017 edition. 
The conference, held by the 3rd to the al 7th of April has been a huge success. The initiative involved more than 350 people coming from all over the world. The participants spent five days composed of technical and motivational talks, of sprints and workshop and surrounded by arts,  lovely food and suggestive loctaions such as Odeon cinema and Educatorio di Fuligno.

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django CMS day

django CMS Day is a one day long conference dedicated to the namesake application django CMS, which is part of the Django environment. django CMS is an open source platform for web dynamic data management, which rose up from the crowd because of its flexibility and its capability to easily integrate with a large number of applications. django CMS, moreover, allows people to manage a large number of data with the smallest effort. The firs django CMS day event has been held on the 1° of October 2016 in Florence, Italy and has been hosted by Impact Hub.

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The first DjangoBeer event was held in 2013 to gather Florentine developers and to spread the Django technology among Italians, which at the time was not popular in our Country. The goal of these meetings never changed. However, after all these years, something changed a little: the initiative structure. At present DjangoBeer are overnight events similar to hackathons. During these workshops participants dive into hands on sessions, focusing on a particular technology and are led by a person who is proficient in the relevant technology as he/she already used it before. DjangoBeer meetings take place monthly at the Nephila headquarters. All the events are free and open to the participation of Django and new technologies passionate.

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